12 thoughts on “Feature

  1. I like your photography. The images itself makes me want to go there. I could imagine the time when this place was buzzing with activities in ancient time. The huge vessel used for cooking is a testimony. Nice to know about the Bodhidharma and the India connection.

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    1. asoulwindow, Thanks. Oh yes, history flows here one dynasty to another and how the monastery survived and how it became unique, different from the rest of the Buddhist monasteries in China. Great, you are the first one to notice that India connection. But it’s a pity that India is not involved in many of the things that were created by Indians abroad. The temples in Cambodia and Indonesia are other examples.

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  2. Beautiful photos. I understand they cater to the tourists nor revenue but it almost seems places like this lose their identity and become nothing more than a stop for a tour bus and place they sell souvenirs. Don’t get me wrong, I have been to places like this and while I enjoy the history and seeing the sites I hate the fact they are so commercialized.


    1. Thanks, Bob. I am in agreement with that. Most historical places are like that these days. At the same time, this is probably the only way for places like monasteries to keep themselves afloat in a highly modern world. It’s difficult to maintain unadulterated historic identity now.


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